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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Tips to improve writing

The Notes

Nobody knows when any fantastic idea will come for a story. Possibly you’re having lunch, discussing official issues with a friend or traveling on the bus. Any little gesture or painful news gives you idea to write then you should take some notes by keeping a little diary with you. Don’t rely on your memory; you’ll not always remember it when you get back to home, so always carry a notebook for new observations or ideas.

No Stress at all!
When you’re writing just go with the flow. Don’t feel too much about whether the sentence is grammatically ideal or perfectly right. These things can be fixed in the editing phase. Never stress about writing anything! No matter what you write isn’t set in as pebble. You can always get time to make changes onwards.
Having Fun while creative writing!
The most excellent tip to keep in mind is that creative writing is meant to be fun and relaxing innovative skills of yours! If you ever feeling that what you are writing is bit boring and you are writing in a manner of just passing time then you should know what the readers will feel after having something like that. Write when your spirit is on height and you are not heavy hearted, and then you can able to bring into being a piece of good literature!

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