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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Be a creative writer but how?

A real writer thinks by heart first! Then analyze his true feeling by using brains. A true writer looks at his work with a divergent approach. A genuine and creative writer writes especially when, his or her heartstrings are going with flow of the thoughts and emotions. And his soul is sinuously pulled him into a different world. In this world you can find… different thoughts, ideas, characters, concepts, mysteries, emotions, drama and sometimes fiction.

Writing Creative Writing is not very tough if you are enthusiastic and passionate about it.

A true writer is an important and sensitive person who has a very strong determination to write and sometimes he comprises his own life experiences during writing, he modified magically, and takeover reader's mind.
A good creative writer can feel on fire when he put words to paper when writing about destruction and pain, while writing verses, he feels as if poetry can touch the souls of his readers... A good writer takes pleasure in putting his thought and ideas in a paper to sway people.
Existence Quality
The thing that is very appreciable is when a creative writer use many things he comes across, like;
• Literature,
• Scientific literature,
• Experiences,
• Art,
• Daily conversations,
• Common sense,
• Create a text that expresses life and existence.
That way, writer motivated the readers and persuades them to think about these matters in a new light.
To be a creative writer the basic excellence, one should have is to be capable to express self. Articulate his;
Emotions and
What he feels is precise according to his own point of view. What inhabitants consider and say should not have an effect on his thinking.
A real writer has vision to add value to the lives of his specific audience interested in his materials.

A real writer just writes. Whether a letter or a novel, s/he sits down and writes.

A real writer writes. At least 5 days a week, no matter what is going on or how they personally feel, a real writer writes.
The Strength
The entire strength of writers is self-confidence. The confidence is main quintessence which will make the men to imagine further and beyond further at consistently. A person is required to have higher level of confidence in his work; he has also the ability and power to make use of his imagination entirely and sometimes yes! Wilily! Trusting in one's self is vital and also clearing the mind and soul is essential too.
Mind’s eye
More to the point, reading and writing habitually, a creative writer must have far above the ground imaginative powers. The person ought to be able to imagine on one's feet and build up a extremely good mind's eye.

The act of Writing Creative Writing, without a doubt, is a very creative activity. No matter we are writing about our personal lives or originate stories based upon themes and characters that be real within our thoughts, we are creating innovative worlds and transforming our own selves through the details of presented ones.

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