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Monday, August 30, 2010

Helpful Guidelines to help you write

“If you are having trouble getting started, look out the window. The whole world is a story, and every moment is a miracle”.

Bruce Taylor, UWEC Professor of Creative Writing


 Writing creatively is like an Art…an art to capture reader’s heart, attention and consideration. People all around the world are coming across to join this field, as numerous people are attached with writing profession and earning well though getting recognition and self satisfaction.


 The Tips:

Creative Writing Tips begins with most important tip and that is… grabs the reader’s attention from the very first line.

1. Develop Your Concept

 2. Complete Grip on Topic

 3. Get Started by grabbing readers attention

 4. Write a very Appealing First Paragraph

 5. Choose a Viewpoint

 6. Write Meaningfully

 7. Use Framework and Situation

 8. Create Situation

 9. Build a Climax

1. Develop Your Concept:

Who is your central character, and what does him or she yearns for?
  • What ethically Moral will be?
  • Those of you who are on the lookout for more long-standing writing plans, here are some additional ideas.

  Keep a notebook;

 Notebooks are "incubators” that incubates communicative phrases, images, thoughts, and explanations from the world around you.

Try to write on a daily basis;

 Sit down and compile sentences for about few hours each day…

Collect concepts of writing from everybody you meet up:

 Keep all the Astonishing, The Unusual, The Extraordinary and The Rational stories and concepts you hear and use them for your own idea. Observe and absorb them for the original meaning and apply them according to your thoughtfulness of the human situation.

 Read a LOT of newspapers;

Reading habit is very helpful for new writers. Read famous writers like;

Raymond Carver,

Toni Morrison

Earnest Hemingway,

Saul Bellow

Alice Munro and
Tobias Wolff.


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