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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A Good Approach of Research

Research approach:

Having most updated knowledge while writing specially for newspaper or some latest hot issues for any magazines need writer with strong information. So you must browse for informational sites and online magazines and newspapers as well.

As we described magazines normally hire freelance writers for;

Feature articles,
How-to articles,
Product or
Destination reviews

And other types of articles. Buy a copy of the “Writer’s Market” available on a twelve-monthly basis by the Writer’s Digest. It has numerous listing of magazines with information about the magazine, the audience of the magazine, how to submit articles and what they pay for articles.

Writing for Magazine Editors:

Magazines that hire freelance writers want you to become familiar with;

• The style,
• Tone and
• Editorial pitch of the magazine over and above its readers so you will know what thing will bring their concentration, interest and awareness.
• For this secret you must buy copy of any targeted copy of a famous magazine and read it carefully.
• You are supposed to come across the specific editor’s name and in sequence, so you can keep in get in touch with him or her as regards with their specific editorial requirements so you are on right path to getting your submission acknowledged.

This same information might possibly be posted on the magazine’s web site, so you can acquire `2 insights into what the magazine will be covering in upcoming issues

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